Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats, Hints, and Cheat Codes


Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats, Hints, and Cheat CodesHungry Shark Evolution is a fantastic and exciting game that is filled with adventures to take and tons of actions to complete in order to be able to survive for as long as you can. Within Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats apk, you are playing a shark that is insanely hungry and can’t seem to ever stop eating…anything, so the more that you eat than the longer you will be alive. This game has several different kinds of sharks to choose from in which you can collect and then evolve. Some of the sharks that you can choose from include a Great White, the Hammerhead and even Megalodon; personally Megalodon is my all-time favorite shark to play.

This game is really fun and there is a lot to do; it is free to get but just like every other free game for an iPhone device or an android device you will need to spend some money in order to get certain items, unlock certain aspects and more. In a broad sense of things the more of your own money that you invest into this game than the more you can accomplish in a less amount of time. Spending money is not something that the majority of people enjoy doing, let alone it being for a free game download in the first place. This is where cheats or otherwise known as cheats come into play.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different Hungry Shark Evolution cheats apk out there to choose from but most of them you stumble upon are fake and those that are real can end up costing you money as well. Searching for a free legit cheat can take some time but great news for you is that there are some of the best free cheats for this game mentioned below.

Hungry-Shark-Evolution-Maxium-Power-HackHungry Shark Evolution cheats that are free and work:

  • A cheat for an unlimited daily bonus – You can collect your daily bonus on a daily basis, but when you do so to score more you can change the time and date on your device ahead one day and then restart the game again. Keep doing this process over and over again for more bonuses.
  • A cheat for extra coins and points – To do this cheat you need to be really good at the game, go where the great whites are such as neat megalopolis and while doing so you need to achieve what is known as the gold rush. Once you have done this you can the mini Subs and sharks however you can because you will then be invincible.
  • A cheat for hunting – When you are playing the game tap near your compass, go left and there should be a treasure chest that appears.
  • A cheat for the daily challenge – Go to the settings for everything and change the day by going back one and you will receive the ‘next’ daily challenge.

In order to fully enjoy Hungry Shark Evolution with no stress and complete satisfaction, you will have to play using at least one if not all of the above mentioned Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats!